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You could fit your MVHR system yourself. It’s perfectly possible. But if time is tight, you’re concerned you might not get it 100% right or you just want to hand the lot over to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, you need an experienced local heat recovery installer.

We carry out heat recovery installation across the south east, with a team of properly qualified and experienced people on tap to get the job done quickly, efficiently and accurately.

  • Installation, carried out according to the specific design we provide
  • Full commissioning services, following the approved procedure
  • We provide a commissioning notice to give to the Building Control Body within 5 days of the system’s completion
  • We measure post-installation air flow rates to provide to the Building Control Body

MVHR installation services south east

Following best installation practice means we ensure the right ventilation rates, minimise noise, avoid condensation and water collecting in the ducts, ensure no energy is wasted, deliver excellent air quality and comply with all the relevant building regulations.

As far as the ducting goes, we use durable rigid ducting for the majority of your installation, taking care to minimise bends, taking the path of least resistance and making sure the ducts themselves are exactly the right size, with the right kind of support.

There’s lots more technical detail involved in correct fitting. But in a nutshell, as professional MVHR installation services, south east based with loads of experience, we install systems in exactly the right way. With our support every element works properly and the system as a whole does exactly what it’s designed to do.

Getting MVHR installations right every time

Most of our customers prefer to have us on board from day one, from the design stage onwards, because it saves them time, effort, stress and all manner of hassle. If that sounds like your kind of service, it’ll be great to talk. Contact our support team at EcoFlow here.

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