What are the benefits of MVHR?

Fresh Air Ventilation using MVHR

The Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation mean constant fresh air ventilation to the recommended levels for your health and the health of the building itself. Because fresh air is constantly recycled, all the air in the house is exchanged every two hours. Trickle vents, by comparison, only exchange 0.2% of the air in a building per hour, which means our system gives you much more control over air exchange.

Better still, it gives you control over the air exchange temperature… so you’re never freezing cold in winter. Much better than opening windows when it’s frigid outside! And it means there’s no need to fit fiddly, ineffective mechanical extract fans.

Condensation prevention using MVHR

Why does condensation prevention matter? An average family exhales an impressive 15 Litres of airborne moisture every day through showering, washing and drying clothes, washing up and simply breathing. The extra moisture trapped indoors causes mould problems and because condensation problems also affect our health, it’s important to deal with moisture safely and effectively.

Allergy prevention using MVHR

Allergy prevention in the home is a key benefit of MVHR systems. Because modern homes are so well insulated, it’s even more important to let new buildings breathe properly to avoid damp, condensation, mould spores, illnesses, allergies and damage to the structure itself. Special filters take care of summer pollen, while the constant exchange of fresh air keeps pet and dust allergies to a minimum.

Curing Sick house syndrome using MVHR

There are a lot of reports about homes not being able to breathe properly. Sick House Syndrome is becoming more of a problem as insulation technologies improve and ventilation fails to keep pace. Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems bridge the gap, which means your build won’t end up making people ill.

Let’s talk heat exchange systems

Because insulation requirements for new builds are becoming stricter as time passes, the need to control ventilation properly will only become more of an issue. Our installation or commissioning of your MVHR system will  future-proof your development or self-build so it’s likely to meet future needs as well as current regulations.

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