Water Efficiency Calculations

We are accredited to carry out all of the necessary work to prove that a building meets the Water Efficiency Calculations standard set out in Part G of the Building Regulations, so if you are intending to submit a planning application for residential property please contact us as early in the design stage as possible. We will provide you with a Part G document that will satisfy Building Control even if your building work has been completed.

Part G of Building Regulations

Part G of the Building Regulations states that all new properties must comply with specific water performance targets. This means that all new developments must demonstrate that they have met the current criteria by ensuring that no more than 125 litres of water will be used per person per day. After all, water is a resource that is going to come under increased demand as the population of the UK expands so it must be used sparingly. Some councils may set this target lower to 105 or even 90 litres per person per day.

Water Efficiency Calculations are not only needed for Building Regulations for new homes, but also for some converted homes as well. If you are unsure about whether your property needs this assessment, please contact us today for professional advice.

If you are aiming to achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes rating for your project you may need to reduce the water usage even further so please contact us for assistance in helping you comfortably achieve this.

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