MVHR Commissioning and BPEC Certification

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We have commissioned and provided Part F Certification for hundreds of MVHR systems from a variety of manufacturers including Nuaire, Airflow, Vent-Axia, Silavent, Brookvent, Manrose and many others that have been installed by self-builders, developers, plumbers and electricians. 

Part F of the 2010 Building Regulations brought in a new requirement for domestic ventilation to be notifiable work, ie. passed by Building Control. This means Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems must be installed, tested and commissioned correctly to meet the high system design and performance standards you expect. 

BPEC Certification

The BPEC programme was created to make sure people like us have the knowledge and skills needed to do a top quality job for people like you, saving you time, money and potential hassle.

Commissioning your system to achieve the best possible performance

The highly respected Domestic Ventilation Installer course combines high level theoretical content with hands-on system balancing and commissioning experience. As a result the people who pass the course are at a significant advantage, as are their customers.

Obviously you want your MVHR Heat Recovery System to achieve the best possible levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Which makes the commissioning side of things vitally important.

What is MVHR systems commissioning?

In this context, commissioning actually means ‘testing’. MVHR commissioning involves adjusting the fan speed in line with the air valves to make sure the air flow is as good as possible. We take airflow readings using an anemometer, and carefully adjust each valve’s performance until we get the right flow rates.

Ideally, you want the MVHR unit itself to run on the lowest setting possible. It should be set to run at its most energy efficient while meeting the air flow requirements regulations and providing the perfect level of comfort. The lower the setting, the quieter the MVHR unit will be. It’ll also use less electricity and enjoy a longer lifespan.

When an MVHR system is designed, the unit should be capable of dealing with the volume of air in the house. There’s no need to fit an oversize units, which many people do. They can be bulky and expensive. A too-small unit won’t work optimally either, since they have to work so much harder, cost more to run, are noisy and wear out quicker.

When an MVHR system is designed, every room should have its own volume of air to be exchanged. This is usually measured in litres per second and we record it using our anemometer over each vent, which can be individually adjusted until the air flow reading is correct… at which point we lock the valve in position. This ensures your MVHR system is working as it was designed to, consistently providing fresh air.

During commissioning we record the system’s air input and extract readings for every habitable room on a special form, which is an integral part of the Part F of Building Regulations and Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide.

Once we’ve commissioned the MVHR system and made sure it’s functioning according to the design, we will provide you with a completed copy of the Part F certificate which you give to Building Control.

How our proven MVHR commissioning skills benefit your project

Because we’ve completed the course and passed with flying colours we are fluent in all the most popular domestic ventilation systems used in Britain. We know exactly what needs to be done to inspect and test your MVHR system. As ‘competent’ people, we do everything that needs doing with the right amount of professional confidence.

Because we know exactly what Building Control needs, we will provide the correct completed document for you so they can sign your project off quickly and smoothly. Which makes your life much easier.

Make sure your MVHR people are qualified to supply and commission systems

Your project deserves the best. Make sure your MVHR experts have the skills needed to do the best possible job to the highest possible standards. If they have passed the BPEC course, you’re onto a winner. If not, find someone who has.

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If you have any questions about MVHR system commissioning, we’ll be delighted to answer them for you.

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