MVHR Commissioning

  • EcoFlow - Hooded Anemometer for MVHR Commissioning
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    The Hooded Anemometer – The perfect kit for MVHR commissioning

The Hooded Anemometer – The perfect kit for MVHR commissioning

As you may or may not know, there’s much more to a top-performing MVHR system than the specification stage, the buying and the fitting itself. To make sure the system performs to its optimum level under the specific circumstances, you need to have your new system commissioned which, in this context, means testing and adjusting the system ’til it ticks all the right boxes.

It’s important to make sure your building is adequately ventilated. But it’s also vital to ensure the new ventilation system is suitable, balanced and commissioned properly.

We are qualified to test extraction rates and balance whole-building ventilation systems . It’s a Building Regulations requirement but it’s also vital for making sure the building’s entire ventilation strategy is working as cost effectively as possible.
Commissioning MVHR systems is an expert job requiring a special piece of kit and specified levels of expertise. We have the skills, having passed the relevant qualifications. And […]

About MVHR commissioning – What you need to know

Your MVHR system has been fitted. Now you need to ensure it’s doing the best possible job, which you do by commissioning the system. So what is MVHR commissioning all about?

Fitting MVHR is only half the battle

You can probably have an MVHR system installed easily enough. But like any mechanical system it can be fitted badly or properly. You want it to perform brilliantly? It’s all about professional commissioning, tinkering with the system until it does exactly what it says on the tin and works to the very best of its ability. It is a requirement of Building Regulations that an MVHR system is not only designed properly but, more importantly, is proved to be working the way it was designed to work.

What does commissioning an MVHR system involve?

Commissioning combines fan speed adjustment on the MVHR unit with altering the flow rate through the air valves. When you get the combination right, you get […]