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Support and sales representative for EcoFlow Ventilation. Specialist in Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems. If you need a quote or to talk over your MVHR project then call me on 01892 506942.

Ongoing maintenance of MVHR systems

How do they compare to other systems?

Just like any system MVHR needs regular maintenance, in much in the same way you’d get your central heating checked every autumn. Here’s why ongoing regular checks are important, complete with some practical guidance.

Just because you can’t see it…

Domestic ventilation systems tend to be hidden away, out of sight. But that doesn’t mean they’re out of mind. Because it’s not obviously visible it’s tempting to ignore your MVHR system and let it do its own thing. On the other hand leaving it too late means repair and maintenance can cost a lot more than it needs to.

There’s another great reason for having your system checked annually. Leaving the system alone for too long means it can get less and less efficient over time, a frustrating state of affairs which condemns the unit to a lifetime of poor performance, inefficiency and wasted energy.

Your first step, when you either get MVHR fitted or move in somewhere which already has it, is to diary regular maintenance. […]

MVHR System Maintenance

Provided you’ve had your MVHR system designed, fitted and commissioned properly, it’ll deliver years and years of excellent service. But like all mechanical systems it should be properly maintained. Here’s how to troubleshoot a few of the most common issues and keep yours in good nick.

The first thing to say is this: the vast majority of feedback from MVHR users is extremely positive. On the rare occasions things go wrong it’s invariably down to poor design, installation or commissioning, not the fault of the technology or the system itself. […]

Why housing associations are installing MVHR systems

New homes are built with heating and cooling efficiency in mind. They’re about as airtight as it gets, which helps people save energy and cash. But there’s a serious downside to our modern obsession with cutting the mount of energy we use.

When we seal up our homes so they’re virtually airtight using clever blocking vents, ‘double glassing’ and even cling film, there’s no way for moisture to escape… which means you get condensation, which leads to ‘sick house syndrome’, which can in turn damage the fabric of the building as well as causing nasty health issues. That’s why we sell so many MVHR solutions to new builds by Housing Associations, which are often eligible for MVHR grants. Here’s why, if you’re a Housing Association, MVHR is such a brilliant idea. […]

Tips for installing MVHR

What you should consider when installing an MVHR system

Whole house ventilation has been available for a while, but recent years have seen some dramatic improvements compared to early MVHR systems. What do you need to consider if you’re going to install an MVHR system yourself? Here are just some of the things you need to bear in mind when fitting a modern mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

Work with an expert from the offset

You could leave it until later. Some people do. But it makes much more sense to work with an expert right from the start, from the building design process upwards. It means the MVHR design is considered along with the joist frames, water and heating pipes, which also need to be fitted together in the void space. […]

  • EcoFlow - Hooded Anemometer for MVHR Commissioning
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    The Hooded Anemometer – The perfect kit for MVHR commissioning

The Hooded Anemometer – The perfect kit for MVHR commissioning

As you may or may not know, there’s much more to a top-performing MVHR system than the specification stage, the buying and the fitting itself. To make sure the system performs to its optimum level under the specific circumstances, you need to have your new system commissioned which, in this context, means testing and adjusting the system ’til it ticks all the right boxes.

It’s important to make sure your building is adequately ventilated. But it’s also vital to ensure the new ventilation system is suitable, balanced and commissioned properly.

We are qualified to test extraction rates and balance whole-building ventilation systems . It’s a Building Regulations requirement but it’s also vital for making sure the building’s entire ventilation strategy is working as cost effectively as possible.
Commissioning MVHR systems is an expert job requiring a special piece of kit and specified levels of expertise. We have the skills, having passed the relevant qualifications. And […]

About MVHR commissioning – What you need to know

Your MVHR system has been fitted. Now you need to ensure it’s doing the best possible job, which you do by commissioning the system. So what is MVHR commissioning all about?

Fitting MVHR is only half the battle

You can probably have an MVHR system installed easily enough. But like any mechanical system it can be fitted badly or properly. You want it to perform brilliantly? It’s all about professional commissioning, tinkering with the system until it does exactly what it says on the tin and works to the very best of its ability. It is a requirement of Building Regulations that an MVHR system is not only designed properly but, more importantly, is proved to be working the way it was designed to work.

What does commissioning an MVHR system involve?

Commissioning combines fan speed adjustment on the MVHR unit with altering the flow rate through the air valves. When you get the combination right, you get […]

  • MVHR saves money and cuts CO2 emissions
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    $8 trillion energy bill – How MVHR saves money and cuts CO2 emissions

$8 trillion energy bill – How MVHR saves money and cuts CO2 emissions

Time really is money, especially when you’re talking about climate change. A recent New Scientist report highlights how two years of inaction on global warming has cost the world $8 trillion, a vast sum in anyone’s book.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) report, which looks at the cost of converting to green electricity to keep global warming below 2 degrees centigrade, found that it’ll cost a whopping $44 trillion more to go green in 2014 than it would to stick to the current fossil fuel mix. It’s a vast amount of money… but the longer we wait, the more it will cost. 2012′s calculation, for example, came in at a much lower $36 trillion.

Yes, going green is horribly expensive. But there’s good news – it will result in even bigger long term savings, an estimated $115 trillion by 2050. […]

How much space do you need when installing a MVHR system

You’ve decided to explore the fascinating, money-saving world of MVHR for your new build. But before you move ahead, you need to know how much space is needed to install a system. First, let’s look at what the systems comprise of, and where the different elements go.

Where does the MVHR central unit go?

Many systems fit perfectly in the loft space, where it’s easy to install the ducts. If there’s no loft, we can mount the unit on a wall anywhere in the building, or in a suitably-sized cupboard, for example in the hallway or on the landing. […]

  • MVHR News from EcoFlow Ventilation
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    MVHR 101 – An overview of a relatively new, fast-growing industry

MVHR 101 – An overview of a relatively new, fast-growing industry

You’ve heard about mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems. You’re about to embark on a new build. And you’d like to gain a better knowledge of this fairly new industry before taking steps to specify and design a MVHR system for your building. Here’s our MVHR 101 guide to a revolutionary technology set to improve human health and reduce CO2 emissions as well as cut energy bills to the bone.

What is an MVHR whole house ventilation system?

Mechanical heat recovery technology provides a home with all the warmth and fresh air the people inside need for good health and wellbeing. When specified, designed and fitted properly by experts, they are quiet and efficient, improving indoor air quality, cutting down dust and removing nasty allergens.

Mechanical ventilation systems and your health

New homes are fantastically well insulated, with very little air leakage. It’s a good thing because it means new builds are so much more energy-efficient. But on the […]

The Code for Sustainable Homes and MVHR system compliance

You’re planning to build a wholly sustainable home. And you want to achieve the right criteria to meet the requirements of the UK’s Code for Sustainable Homes. Ventilation systems and heating and cooling are part of the package. So how can you make sure the system you choose meets the code and provides the very best levels of home ventilation?

About the Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes was launched by the UK government in 2007. It is designed to replace the old EcoHomes standard, and must be used to inform the design and construction of all new-build homes in England. It’s one of a package of measures that should eventually move the nation further towards its zero carbon development targets. If you want your building to achieve code 3 or 4, it’s more or less a certainty that MVHR needs to be installed. And all social housing funded by government grants must […]