MVHR Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of MVHR systems

How do they compare to other systems?

Just like any system MVHR needs regular maintenance, in much in the same way you’d get your central heating checked every autumn. Here’s why ongoing regular checks are important, complete with some practical guidance.

Just because you can’t see it…

Domestic ventilation systems tend to be hidden away, out of sight. But that doesn’t mean they’re out of mind. Because it’s not obviously visible it’s tempting to ignore your MVHR system and let it do its own thing. On the other hand leaving it too late means repair and maintenance can cost a lot more than it needs to.

There’s another great reason for having your system checked annually. Leaving the system alone for too long means it can get less and less efficient over time, a frustrating state of affairs which condemns the unit to a lifetime of poor performance, inefficiency and wasted energy.

Your first step, when you either get MVHR fitted or move in somewhere which already has it, is to diary regular maintenance. […]

MVHR System Maintenance

Provided you’ve had your MVHR system designed, fitted and commissioned properly, it’ll deliver years and years of excellent service. But like all mechanical systems it should be properly maintained. Here’s how to troubleshoot a few of the most common issues and keep yours in good nick.

The first thing to say is this: the vast majority of feedback from MVHR users is extremely positive. On the rare occasions things go wrong it’s invariably down to poor design, installation or commissioning, not the fault of the technology or the system itself. […]