MVHR Installation

Tips for installing MVHR

What you should consider when installing an MVHR system

Whole house ventilation has been available for a while, but recent years have seen some dramatic improvements compared to early MVHR systems. What do you need to consider if you’re going to install an MVHR system yourself? Here are just some of the things you need to bear in mind when fitting a modern mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

Work with an expert from the offset

You could leave it until later. Some people do. But it makes much more sense to work with an expert right from the start, from the building design process upwards. It means the MVHR design is considered along with the joist frames, water and heating pipes, which also need to be fitted together in the void space. […]

How much space do you need when installing a MVHR system

You’ve decided to explore the fascinating, money-saving world of MVHR for your new build. But before you move ahead, you need to know how much space is needed to install a system. First, let’s look at what the systems comprise of, and where the different elements go.

Where does the MVHR central unit go?

Many systems fit perfectly in the loft space, where it’s easy to install the ducts. If there’s no loft, we can mount the unit on a wall anywhere in the building, or in a suitably-sized cupboard, for example in the hallway or on the landing. […]