You’ve decided to explore the fascinating, money-saving world of MVHR for your new build. But before you move ahead, you need to know how much space is needed to install a system. First, let’s look at what the systems comprise of, and where the different elements go.

Where does the MVHR central unit go?

Many systems fit perfectly in the loft space, where it’s easy to install the ducts. If there’s no loft, we can mount the unit on a wall anywhere in the building, or in a suitably-sized cupboard, for example in the hallway or on the landing.

Where do the internal grilles go?

Both the supply and extract air grilles are usually mounted on the ceiling, which benefits extract and supply. The extract is taken from the place where the warm, damp air rises. Cooler incoming air is introduced so it mixes with the warmest air, up near the ceiling.

Flexible duct systems – Perfect for most situations

We recommend a particularly quick and simple-to-fit flexible pipe system that saves as much as 70% on installation time compared to other types of ducting systems and methods. It also features zero air leakage for the very best performance, with interchangeable 75mm round or 51mm oval ducting which doesn’t lose any pressure.

Because it’s so compact, the ducting we recommend is perfect for narrow joists and low ceiling voids, where there’s limited space. The ducting is incredibly durable and very difficult to crush – for the technically-minded amongst you, 16 kN/m². It’s wonderfully easy to clean via convenient access panels and the smooth bore is anti-static with an antibacterial lining. Last but not least, it’s SAP Appendix Q Eligible.

Where do the external air grilles go?

Exhaust and fresh air inlet connections lead outside, and there are several ways of doing it. We usually fit the exhaust and inlet ducts into the roof tiles, which means they are barely visible from the ground. Alternatively, if there’s enough room, we can fit them through the soffit. Either way , it’s remarkably un-intrusive.

Want to talk about fitting a MVHR system?

If you’re not sure whether you have the space needed to fit an MVHR system, just ask. We’ll be pleased to check your plans and confirm whether or not it’ll be a practical solution for your new build project. You can upload your designs here. Alternatively, get us involved at pre-plans stage to make sure you factor the right amount and kind of space into your plans.